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Dangers of Chinese Diet Pills Video

9th August 2013

Video Transcript

If you're keen to use diet pills to help your weight loss programme, but money is tight, you shouldn't be tempted to go for cheap Chinese supplements as they could do you more harm than good.

Of course, not every diet pill that comes out of China is going to be bad for you, far from it – Beijing has cracked down on the industry and put strict safeguards in place.

However, that's driven shady characters further underground and it's generally them who are trying to sell to you.

The general modus operandi is to set up a basic website with a questionable use of the English language, yet they'll still try to convince you they're based in the UK or US, as there's a craving for weight loss supplements in those countries and potential customers may be reassured if the diet pills come from those countries.

However, in reality they could contain anything. The producers could put anything on the boxes and they'll often use things that feature in traditional Chinese medicine to lend it some credibility, but the packaging and the contents can be very different, with all manner of substances possible in the supplements.

The authorities are doing all they can to crack down on these potentially harmful diet pills, but online traders can be notoriously difficult to track down.

With this in mind, when you're looking for weight loss supplements, do your research on respected websites and don't let your head be turned by the prospect of saving a bit of cash – it's better to pay a bit more for the peace of mind you get from diet pills you know are safe and effective.

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