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Diet Clubs Video

20th December 2013

Video Transcript

If you’re a person that finds it difficult to work alone, but who enjoys the morale boost of others on the same journey as you, then Diet Clubs are something that you’ve more than likely already experienced in your quest to lose weight.

And with a recent study suggesting that people who diet alone only have a one in five chance of keeping the pounds off for a month or more, you can see the draw of Diet Clubs.

So in this section we take a closer look at diet clubs such as WeightWatchers and Slimming World, and ask whether they really have all the answers when it comes to losing weight.

What goes on behind closed doors and do these clubs really work?

Or are they just marketed really well by emphatic spokespeople in a highly competitive market?

Have a browse around this section to see what you think.

At Diet Pills Watchdog we want to help you achieve your goals, so if it works for you, it’s healthy and you’re happy, that’s all that matters to us – and as always let us know!

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