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Diet Pill Scams Video

7th December 2012

Video Transcript

There have been diet pill scams in existence pretty much since the internet began and that's why Diet Pills Watchdog exists – to make sure that you don't fall victim to any of them.
There are a number of dodgy deals to look out for, including supposedly free trials.
You may find these featured as banner ads on reputable websites, which could lure you into thinking that the scammers are genuine by association.
Clicking on the link will take you to a site for a supposedly free trial, but tricky wording will see you charged much more than the postage and packing you may anticipate and you may struggle to cancel payment as these are often fly-by-night operations.
Because of this, before you sign up for anything online, ensure that there are genuine contact details on their website. This way, you'll have a way of getting hold of them if anything goes wrong or you wish to pursue legal action.
Many scammers will also try to blind you with science, or more accurately, pseudoscience. If you find a site that only has scientific-sounding words with no explanation for laymen, it's likely that the text is gobbledegook and that the seller is just trying to convince you they know what they're on about.
Finally, some of the most common scams can be bundled together – fake news reports, reviews and testimonials.
The authorities have started cracking down on the phoney news sites, which aim to lure people in by looking like a respected source.
Some supposedly independent review sites can often be rackets that are run by a single operation whilst you can also get testimonials that are either stock photos, or come with a disclaimer in very small print.
Unfortunately, as the authorities make headway with some fakes, the scammers just think of new ideas to make money, so it's impossible to cover them all in this video.
Your best bet is to make Diet Pills Watchdog your first port of call whenever you're unsure about a supplement and we'll aim to put your mind at ease with our honest and independent reviews.

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