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Diet Pills Watchdog Awards 2013 Video

15th April 2013

Video Transcript

The Oscars and the Baftas aren't the only prestigious annual awards being handed out this year, as we here at Diet Pills Watchdog also have our own highly sought-after titles to be won too.

Competition has been fierce and like other ceremonies we anticipate plenty of tears as well as acceptance speeches thanking everyone who has made it possible.

First up we have an award we would rather not be presenting and that’s Scam of the Year. This was very easy to award and goes to all the Free Trials that have scammed consumers left, right and centre! Make sure that you don't get caught out and check out our help page in case you ever do.

Quickly following that, this year's Wooden Spoon has to go to a couple of the big boys, Facebook and Google, for showing adverts for free trials that may lull people into a false sense of security about how useful they are.

However, help is always at hand on Diet Pills Watchdog – not just from ourselves, but also from everyone who gets involved in discussions on the site.

That's why we've decided on a Contributor of the Year award, which goes to the saintly Gill Eastwood, who just beat off Jason for the prize, who's always full of great tips too.

That brings us round to the big one, the Product of the Year and that's awarded to Superfruit Slim. We love pretty much everything about it – the right ingredients, plenty of information, a money-back guarantee and, most crucially, it works when mixed with exercise and a sensible diet.

Well done to Superfruit Slim, Gill and Jason for setting a high bar for everyone else to aim for. Will they rise to the task?

Join us next time to find out.

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