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Free Trial Diet Pill Scam Refunds Video

19th March 2013

Video Transcript

We get hundreds of people contacting us here at Diet Pills Watchdog after they've been tricked into paying for diet pills that they thought were a free trial, but this guide should help you claim your money back.

This problem of people mistakenly signing up for recurring payments has existed in the US for years now and after it was made illegal many shady operators are starting to enter to UK market as they see the potential to make even more money, however, you've taken a positive first step by visiting our website.

The first, second and third rule to avoid losing money is never ever sign up for a free trial for any diet pill, no matter how legitimate they may seem. 99 per cent of free diet pill trials are scams and it's not worth trying to find that elusive 1 per cent that may not be.

However, if you do get caught out, don't panic – as I mentioned, hundreds of people contact us every day after falling victim to these tricksters, so don't blame yourself.

Instead, you should gather as much information as possible, including company name, website, where you saw the ad, any relevant dates and everything else you can find.

Try to contact the company through whatever means you discover and remember to be persistent but polite, no matter how tempting it is to vent.

The people you speak to will probably just be based in a call centre so they're not directly responsible for your situation.

If they can't deliver satisfaction, perhaps the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can, if you're dealing with an American firm.

There are some very rigid rules in place to deal with diet pill scammers in the States, so the FTC could well help.

However, if the company you're dealing with is in the UK, legislation isn't quite as stringent yet, although the Consumer Protection Regulations for distance selling can offer some protection if you haven't been provided with information like a name and address – not just a PO Box – delivery costs or your contract conditions.

If you've gone through all these, you may be able to get your money back through your bank or card provider.

Explain that you've had money taken in what you believe is a fraudulent manner and it's your right to get them to cancel the payment at their end. The banks have a duty to act on your behalf so be firm and polite and they will help you out. 

The good new is that this year alone our advice has helped hundreds of people just like you to get a full refund so be assured it can be done if you are persistent.

So as you can see, there's lots of ways you can get your money back if you get scammed by a phony diet pills trial, but you should remember all the trouble you went through and make sure you check with Diet Pills Watchdog before trying any more supplements.

Our Approved list contains many different merchants who act in an honest and transparent manner with the best interest of the consumer at heart.


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