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Maximuscle Thermobol video

5th March 2013

Video Transcript

Maximuscle Thermobol comes from a well known brand, which will offer buyers a high level of reassurance about quality and customer service.

Maximuscle is an established UK brand that started off producing sports nutrition supplements in 1995 and is used by a number of top athletes and that's something to consider about this product – it's clearly aimed at sportsmen and women who want to shift a bit of fat, rather than the average dieter.

You can see this from the ingredients list – it's comprehensive, which we always like, but the quantities of bitter orange peel, L-Tyrosine and guarana seed make each pill pretty potent and you're meant to take three per day, so you can see why discretion is advised.

That's particularly true because of the high amount of caffeine that's included in each pill, so people who don't react well to stimulants may be better off looking elsewhere.

Indeed, one of the many positive reviews of Maximuscle Thermobol warns that 4-5 hours after the initial burst of energy, you could be facing quite a come down.

You can buy Maximuscle Thermobol on the high street, so you'll be able to shop around, but you do have the option of purchasing straight from the official Maxishop website, which will also mean that you can get a 40-day money-back guarantee.

However, be aware that it's not a no-questions-asked situation – you need to use the product correctly for 30 days and then send information of your training and diet to Maximuscle, which will then decide whether you can get a refund, which will be based on how much of the product you've used.

Overall though, if you're very sporty and can cope with the high amount of stimulants that feature in Maximuscle Thermobol, using this supplement with a sound training plan and meal schedule should help you to shift stubborn fat.

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  1. Alex says:

    Could you please do a review or provide information on the Caffeine Free version of this product ?


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