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Quarter 1 2013 News Roundup Video

29th April 2013

Video Transcript

The first few months in the year are always the time when we see a surge in consumer complaints, as people tackle their weight loss resolutions with the aid of diet supplements.

This year has been no different with various free trial scams running one after the other to snare unwary customers.

As one scam dies off another one pops up and a fresh batch of unsuspecting victims fall for the clever marketing tricks used by the disreputable companies.

This seems to be a prolific problem in the UK at the moment as it is far less regulated than the US and it looks like the Authorities are struggling to keep up, but we ‘re confident they will get on top of things eventually.

We have also seen several new products becoming fashionable recently including Green Coffee Beans and Garcinia Cambogia.

Both of these have had a lot of media exposure and several celebrity doctors as well as Hollywood stars have been touting the weight loss benefits.

It’s still early days for both of these, and like most products its hard to find the solid evidence behind the claims, so we’ll be doing in-depth research at a later date, so look out for our investigations.

Raspberry Ketones continue to be popular with other celebrities touting their effectiveness, as always its best to take some of the claims with a pinch of salt especially if someone is being paid to make them, but we continue to be impressed with the feedback we’ve had so far from those seeing good results.

And finally the US Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on its disclosure policies to make sure that websites and social media outlets stick to acceptable guidelines.

This includes indicating when they’re for advertising or sponsored purposes. This is something we have always taken seriously and can only be good for consumers in the long term.

Have you got any stories to tell or things you would like us to look at? As always get in touch via the contact button at the top of the page.

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