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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos – Garcinia Cambogia

25th June 2013

Video Transcript

Finding a supplement that's natural, can help in weight loss and alters your body's relationship with carbohydrates sounds like it would be ideal, but you should be wary of claims about Garcinia cambogia.

Its natural credentials seem to be fine – the plant comes from the sub-tropics in South-East Asia, India and Africa, and its key weight-loss element HCA is derived from citric acid that you'd find in many other fruits.

However, it's when you get into what it does that things become a bit cloudy.

There is research that shows that Garcinia cambogia can help to suppress your appetite, disperse fat and alter your carbohydrate metabolism.

Others claim that it can lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, while as far as side effects go, there don't appear to be any problems, although as with any diet supplement, you should consult your doctor first.

So far, so good, you may think, but many of the tests have only been done on animals and others reckon that Garcinia cambogia only may have positive effects on humans.

A large and rigorous study conducted by the World Health Organisation indicated that there was "no significant" difference between the supplement and a placebo.

With this is mind, it may be best to wait until there's more conclusive proof about Garcinia cambogia before opting for a diet supplement featuring it.

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