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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Caffeine

19th June 2013

Video Transcript

Caffeine is something that most of us consume every single day and there are a number of ways it can aid you in weight loss.

It's a well known way to gain more energy and focus, both of which can help you up your game when it comes to exercise. In scientific terms, it blocks the adenosine receptors, which in turn increases your levels of adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, helping you stay active.

Caffeine has a much more direct role in helping you to lose weight too, as it improves heart function and breaks down adipose fat into energy to use during your exercise, which helps you burn extra fat – it's a win-win scenario.

Of course, as with anything you consume, there can be downsides. Taking too much caffeine can have negative effects, such as nervousness, headaches and insomnia, but these symptoms vary from person to person.

Bear in mind that consuming caffeine as part of a coffee-based drink will come with plenty of extra fats too, so you're much better off with caffeine supplements like diet pills or powder.

If you're thinking about taking one, make sure that you check the label first.

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