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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Capsicum

8th July 2013

Video Transcript

Weight loss agents that come from natural sources are often favoured by people looking to diet as they think that 'natural equals good', although that isn't always the case.

Capsicum comes from plants and the preferred food source is the red chilli pepper, which some reports suggest helps increase levels of fat oxidation and induce appetite suppression.

There are also studies that conclude that the supplement can help to increase how fat is broken down and how quickly energy is used, as well as causing reductions in blood sugar, insulin and leptin levels.

However, for each study that suggests that capsicum can have these positive effects, there are others which fail to achieve the same results – in some cases, researchers have found the opposite to what their contemporaries have discovered elsewhere.

Even where there are positives to be taken, they often come with the caveat that it's hard to sustain weight losses experienced. So while there doesn't seem to be any danger associated with using capsicum, we remain to be convinced that it's a legitimate weight reduction agent.

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