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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Chromium Picolinate

1st July 2013

Video Transcript

When you come across a supplement that doesn't help with fat loss, at best it will have no effects at all, but at worst, it could cause harm – unfortunately, chromium picolinate is more likely to fall into the latter category.

The concerning thing is that it's been used since the 1950s and when it was one of the few diet pills on the market, it was supplying ten million Americans a year.

It's not that many now that there are more competitors, but it still retains a following who swear by it.

This suggests that the supplement does actually work, otherwise people wouldn't make the purchase and the theories behind it seem sound – they claim that chromium picolinate can help control food cravings and regulate your carbohydrate metabolism.

However, trials have been inconsistent at best, with some suggesting that the supplement will work, while others say it "attenuated weight gain".

Then, of course, there are the health concerns.

These relate to how chromium picolinate affects the body's sensitivity to insulin and there's concern that it could increase the chances of you getting diabetes or worsen your existing condition.

As a result, we'd say you should definitely be giving this supplement a wide berth.

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