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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Glucomannan

8th July 2013

Video Transcript

Fibre is good for you – we all know that – and while it will certainly keep you regular, just how will a dietary fibre like glucomannan help you when it comes to weight loss?

The theory behind the supplement is sound – it helps to suppress your appetite as it helps us feel full due to its ability to absorb a lot of water from our guts. One gram can add up to 100ml during its transit through the bowel, leaving us less likely to feel hungry.

Glucomannan also reportedly reduces the amount of fat absorption that occurs in the small intestine, meaning that you ultimately end up storing less of it.

There are boundless other benefits claimed too, including reducing how much sugar is absorbed, reducing blood pressure and ultimately helping to prevent cancer in the bowel.

However, many of these 'facts' were established years back – many of the more recent studies into glucomannan have been mixed, with some accepting that the supplement does reduce fat absorption, but indicating that it doesn't aid weight loss overall.

It seems that many of the good news stories surrounding glucomannan are anecdotal and while taking on more fibre is unlikely to be harmful, we're not totally convinced about its weight loss properties at present.

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