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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Green Tea Extract

24th June 2013

Video Transcript

Even people who haven't done that much research into dieting and fat loss will probably know that green tea can have a positive effect if you're trying to lose weight.
The supplement is packed full of substances like proteins, amino acids, good sugars, iron, calcium and a range of vitamins.

Amongst these are bioactive polyphenols, which play a key roll in the fat-shifting properties of green tea.

They're split into four types, with EGCG being the one that's most likely to help you lose weight – studies have shown that fat oxidation increased by 35 per cent in test subjects when given this polyphenol mixed with caffeine, compared to those who only received a placebo.

Although the exact ways green tea does this are yet to be established, the end results seem to be positive and weight loss isn't the only benefit – the extract has been shown to protect against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and arthritis, as well as showing antioxidant and antiviral properties.

With green tea extract coming from a natural source, you can be reassured that your increased energy expenditure shouldn't have any negative side effects, although you should bear in mind how the caffeine may effect you.

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