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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Guar gum

22nd November 2013

Video Transcript

Guar gum has something of a reputation for being effective at reducing weight, but do these assertions have enough clinical support to back them up?

Derived from the guar plant, guar gum acts to absorb water in the gut to help you feel fuller. It also reduces carbohydrate and fat absorption, while improving the waves of peristaltic movements in the intestine, which helps food pass its way through.

At least, that's the theory – there are some animal tests that support this and the odd human one, but a meta-analysis of trials on people finds that the fat loss properties of guar gum are inconclusive.

That said, there are a number of benefits that are associated with guar gum. Cardiovascular diseases are particularly helped due to the supplement's ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species and delay the formation of arterial clots.

Guar gum also appears to be pretty harmless to use too, although the maximum safe dose has yet to be identified due to the lack of testing – the same reason that we can't recommend it as a weight loss agent.

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