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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Irvingia Gabonensis

24th June 2013

Video Transcript

Not allowing fat to build up in your body is a great way to turn the tide if you're gaining weight and that's exactly the main property of Irvingia gabonensis, which you'll find in a number of diet supplements.

Derived from mango-type plants in West Africa, the extract is packed full with bioactive agents and anti-oxidants, with plenty of backing from human-based tests to show that it does the job – much more reassuring than products which have only been subjected to animal trials.

The science behind the main benefit of Irvingia gabonensis goes a little like this: it's mature fat cells that hold on to fat and this extract can suppress the receptors that allow them to mature, vastly reducing the amount of fat that can be stored.

That's not its only trick though; it also reduces the levels of leptin – which generally helps fat to settle – while boosting the amount of adiponectin in your body, which has the opposite effect.

Many people often try to cut down on carbs when they're dieting, like with the Atkins Diet, and Irvingia gabonensis inhibits their absorption.

This also helps to prevent sudden rises in blood sugar levels, which is positive for people with diabetes.

Other benefits include reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, while adverse effects are rare and generally restricted to headaches and indigestion if they do occur, so it looks to us as though Irvingia gabonensis is a great way to help shed fat.

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