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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Raspberry Ketones

24th June 2013

Video Transcript

Lots of supplements claim to reduce body fat, but when one has some sound medical backing and is natural – as is the case with raspberry ketones – it's certainly worth considering.

As the name suggests, the extract comes from the fruit, which is packed full of goodness in terms of vitamins and anti-oxidizing agents which can also help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes – no wonder it's regarded as a superfruit.

Sticking to the fat reduction properties of raspberry ketones though and a curious characteristic of them is that they don't play a direct role in cutting fat. Instead, they stimulate adrenaline production, which in turn releases fat that is turned into energy.

Adrenaline is not the only element released due to raspberry ketones, with adiponectin and hormone-sensitive lipase also being stimulated by the supplement; these also help break down fat so that it can be burnt during exercise.

As with any weight loss supplement, exercising and altering your diet will help it be more effective, but some tests suggest that raspberry ketones will provide benefits even if you don't change what you eat. However, testing on humans is fairly limited, with much of the data coming from animal tests.

Despite this, we're happy that there's enough evidence to show that raspberry ketones can prove beneficial to weight loss, although ensure that you stick to the advised doses so that your body doesn't become over-stimulated.

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