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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Resveratrol

15th July 2013

Video Transcript

Red wine is known to be pretty good for you if you don't overindulge and it's thought that the resveratrol in it could work as a weight-loss agent following animal testing.

The theory behind the supplement is sound, with trials conducted on animals showing that it can suppress the formation of new fats, modify existing fat cells and stimulate lipolysis in them as well.

It's thought that resveratrol can also help to reduce cardiovascular disease, improve the immune system and prevent the development of some cancers.

On top of that, it's a strong anti-oxidant, which can deliver anti-aging benefits as well.

Unfortunately, we largely only have the theory to go on when it comes to resveratrol as there haven't yet been any extensive human studies into its weight-loss effect on humans, despite years of animal testing.

Because of this, factors like the optimum dosage are currently unknown, so until the situation changes, we're not able to recommend this supplement.

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