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The Diet Pills Watchdog Ingredient Videos: Synephrine

15th July 2013

Video Transcript

A diet supplement that is billed to cause weight loss by increasing your metabolism, suppressing hunger and breaking down fat sounds like a dream, but synephrine could prove to be anything but.

It came about when companies were looking for an alternative to ephedrine after it was banned in 2004 and at first, it seemed as though the chemists had hit the bullseye – something that induces similar weight loss, without the risk.

As well as the supposed benefits mentioned, some studies suggest it can also help to enhance performance by apparently making exercise feel less strenuous, so your body feels that it can do more.

However, the reality is that synephrine can actually have some very severe side effects, not least increasing the chances of the taker suffering a heart attack or stroke.

On top of these, the supplements may also cause palpitations and increased blood pressure.

These possible consequences are more than enough for us to red flag synephrine straight away, but when you add the fact that there's no guarantees that it'll even cause significant weight losses, it's safe to say supplements featuring this extract should be avoided.

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