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The Ingredient Video Series Introduction Video

12th July 2013

Video Transcript

In every diet pill, there's at least one ingredient that's heralded as a weight loss agent, but how many of the claims are true and how many are just marketing talk?

That's why we've devised the ingredient video series to help separate the facts from the fiction.

It's not just a case of sorting out those which work and those which don't – some of the elements that are put into diet pills can prove to be harmful to health, so it's vital to know what they are.

This way, if you spot the ingredient on the back of the bottle, you'll know to give it a wide berth.

You may well have heard of a number of the ingredients that we feature in the series, like caffeine and green tea, but the rest could open your eyes to new diet pill options that may prove to be the ideal supplement to help you with your weight loss.

One of the primary concerns of our visitors is the safety and efficiency of diet supplements, and by looking closer at the ingredients then we can advise you better in this area.

The ingredient video series looks at all the available evidence and more, and we keep it constantly updated so that you can check up on the latest options that are hitting the market.

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