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XLS Medical Fat Binder Video

7th May 2013

Video Transcript

XLS Medical Fat Binder has a lot going for it, but there are a few things we're concerned about, which is why we've marked it as rejected.

The supplement claims that it can block up to 27 per cent of your dietary fat intake whilst using it and there are two clinical studies from 2003 and 2007 which suggest that Litramine – the fat binder's main ingredient – can help you achieve this.

This kind of diet pill can also reduce the amount of fat soluble vitamins that you have in your system, but XLS Medical Fat Binder counteracts this by including A, D and E vitamins which should help to replace any that you lose.

However, the ingredients are one of the negatives – the official website and the box itself contain little information about what else is in there and what quantities are being used, which is always a concern.

That said, we do know that there aren't any stimulants and the 100 per cent natural ingredients should mean that there are minimal side effects, if any.

XLS Medical Fat Binder is available in-store or online at Boots, which should give you confidence when buying, but just be aware that there's no guarantee from the manufacturer, which is something that we require before we can approve a supplement.

Although there's a ringing endorsement of the fat binder from soul singer Mica Paris on its website, there aren't a lot in terms of consumer reviews unless you look on third-party sites like Mumsnet.

The feedback we've had at Diet Pills Watchdog has been mixed to say the least, although there's no suggestion that it's a scam or rip-off.

Something that isn't made clear in-store when you buy XLS Medical Fat Binder is that it needs to be used as part of the 123 Hello Me 12-week weight loss programme, so using the supplement by itself could result in slow or non-existent results.

On balance, it's a tough call to reject XLS Medical Fat Binder, but the lack of money-back guarantee and mixed reports from consumers means that we're unable to approve it.

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