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Voyager V3 Max

Voyager V3 Max is a diet pill that seems to offer you a way to lose weight as well as boost your mood and energy levels. If you are struggling with weight loss and find that it is getting you down, this diet pill message will probably appeal to you. So does Voyager V3 Max work and more importantly is it safe? We take a look.

Voyager V3 Max is a US diet supplement that comes with some big claims about how it will help weight loss and it has a hefty price tag to match. In addition, if you fancy going into business yourself, you can sell Voyager V3 via the MLM business framework.

Voyager V3 Max Pros

  • Contains vitamins

Voyager V3 Max Cons

  • Expensive
  • Contains a mix of stimulants that may cause side effects
  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Voyager V3 Max

Voyager V3 Max Review

Voyager V3 Max Facts

  • Supplement marketed by Voyager Health Technologies
  • MLM Company
  • No Guarantee – If you are unsatisfied, you cannot get your money back

If you want to turn your life around, lose weight and improve your energy levels and mood, Voyager V3 Max claims to provide the solution. The advertising makes such a lot of claims about how this diet pill will benefit you; it is almost as if you are receiving the secret of life rather than looking at a diet pill!

According to the product advertising, Voyager V3 Max delivers six key benefits:

  • Invigorated Mood
  • Superior Energy Boost
  • Appetite Control
  • Slams Hunger
  • Amps Up Your Metabolism
  • Enhances Vitality and Stamina

The benefits of Voyager V3 Max do not stop at weight lost. This diet pill supposedly puts you in a great mood and “amps up your energy” It helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle. It helps change your life forever. Not bad for an OTC diet pill!

Despite this hype, the product information does not explain how the supplement works or provide any links to clinical evidence about how it will help you lose weight. Looking at the ingredients list, it all seems a little disappointing because essentially Voyager V3 Max contains vitamins that you could find in any vitamin supplement plus a blend of various stimulants including Hordenine, caffeiene, Octopamine and Cha de Bugre – a native Brazilian extract.

Taking stimulants to lose weight is widely believed to be effective but it is not a method that suits everyone.

Hordenine for example has an androgenic function, which means it stimulates the adrenaline and promotes the fight or fight response. Yes, this does reduce your appetite – after all feeling keyed up does take away hunger pangs, but does not help you achieve healthy weight loss long term.

In addition, we cannot see why the ingredients contained in this diet pill should put you in a life changing great mood. In truth many people will be put into a stressed out anxious mood and although one ingredient in this formula is PEA. (B Phenylethylamine) known for causing a short lived pleasurable buzz that usually lasts 5 minutes or so, this effect is not long lasting. So this supplement may have a short-term mood boosting effect that you may notice immediately after taking the supplement but this will wear off within minutes.

How to Take Voyager V3 Max capsules

To use Voyager V3 Max, take one caplet early morning or early afternoon on an empty stomach with 8oz of water. For additional energy, you can take a second caplet later in the day. You are advised to avoid taking after 4pm because it may cause insomnia.

One reason for the “life changing” aspect of this diet pill is that the makers, Voyager Health Technologies are offering what they describe as “partnership opportunities” to people looking at setting up in business themselves. This Multi layered Marketing Scheme (MLM) offers you a way into running your own business and you can sign up to become a product distributor yourself via the website – see more below.

Other Voyager products include V1 Skinny Smoothie – a meal replacement drink, Envy2 a weight loss powder and V3Plus a diet pill.

Voyager V3 Max is made by Voyager Health Technologies. The company provide their address as:

Voyager Health Technologies – P.O. Box 1949 – Naples – FL – 34106
However, the company’s head office is in Las Vegas.
2190 E Pebble Rd Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89123-3211

There have been some complaints about problems with the products and delivery however; the company have not experienced any significant government actions against them.

Voyager V3 Max Concerns:

  • We have real concerns about potential side effects from this cocktail of stimulants
  • Will not help healthy weight loss
  • Company seem more focused on getting you to sign up as a distributor than they are on weight loss

Joining Voyager’s MLM Business

MLM MarketingVoyager looks to be a fairly standard MLM set up. You start as an associate member, sell Voyager products and encourage your customers to become associates themselves. There are five steps and five levels to the compensation plan. You set up your own downline of sales associates beneath you, becoming what the information describes as a sponsor when you find another person willing to become a distributor. You get a bonus for each new member, which presumably translates, to a financial reward.

The business set up is complicated and comes with some impressive looking graphs to show you ways to reach the top of your own business empire by selling this product.

Is it pyramid selling? No. Pyramid selling is illegal whereas Multi Layered Marketing is legal.

The rough definition is that if you can only make money by finding new people and joining them up to the MLM scheme it is a pyramid scheme. If you can make a living by selling the product without resorting to setting up a downline of other sellers it is a legitimate business.

MLM can be like a religion to some people. When you join one of these schemes you sign up for plenty of motivational seminars but the bottom line of whether this will actually make you any money is whether people are going to buy the product in sufficient quantities to make it a viable business proposition.

Sometimes MLM have strict rules about where and how you can market the product. Many MLMers find they soon run out of friends and neighbours as potential customers and that people start avoiding them in the street!


Read our MLM and Pyramid Diet Pill Marketing Schemes article for more information.

What Does Voyager V3 Max Claim To Do?

According to the product advertising:



V3 MAX generates MAXIMUM impact on your weight, mood, and energy. Taking control has never felt so good! Now, you can be in charge of your appetite instead of letting your appetite control you!

According to the information:

You will be bursting with energy and in a great mood after taking V3 MAX. It goes beyond weight loss; V3 MAX affects your outlook on life because it stimulates the neurotransmitters in your brain that help you feel great!

The Voyager V3 Max advertising says all the right things to tempt you in to buying but there is no proof that any of it works.

So What Is Voyager V3 Max and What Are The Ingredients For Voyager V3 Max?

Voyager V3 Max is a diet pill that contains a blend of vitamins and stimulants.

Voyager V3 Max Blend 705mg:

  • B Phenylethylamine (PEA): Believed to stimulate brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine. It causes a short-lived high effect but is quickly metabolized. It is this high that makes it attractive as a supplement but the effect often lasts only a few minutes.
  • 2 Amino 4 Methylpentane Citrate (AMP): This ingredient is potentially dangerous but is sold as a dietary supplement for attention deficit-hyperactive disorder (ADHD), weight loss, body building and similar. It is on the World Doping lists for banned ingredients and can cause enhanced blood pressure and heart irregularities. Source: Web MD resource
  • Methyltheophylline: Chemical compound related to Xanthine – the same class as stimulants such as caffeiene – also a classified as xanthine. Stimulant.
  • Hordenine: Common ingredient in weight loss supplements because it is believed to stimulate the nervous system and speed the metabolism. It is often used in combination with PEA (Phenylethylamine)
    Clinical tests suggest that Hordenine is an indirectly acting adrenergic agent that produces its pharmacological effects by releasing stored norepinephrine. This means it relates to the increase of adrenaline levels and the flight or fight response. This effect may help you lose your appetite by making you feel too stressed to eat. Source:
  • Caffeine: The World’s most popular stimulant. The average cup of coffee contains 100mg
  • Octopamine: Is an insect hormone and is the insect equivalent of the pleasure causing hormone norephine. This chemical is sometimes used a sympathomimetic agent (or medicinal drug that affects the sympathetic nervous system)
  • Cha de Bugre: Cha de Bugre is a native Brazilian tree that produces a red fruit similar to a coffee bean and these berries are often used as a coffee substitute. It is a stimulant and is popular in Brazil as an energy drink. Also known as Cordia Salifocia, this fruit may have health benefits but remains unproven for promoting weight loss.
    A big problem with Cha de bugre is that in its native form, this ingredient may be beneficial but the Brazilian government has controlled export. This means it is unlikely that you will find genuine Cha de Bugre in uncontrolled third party supplements like this one. Source:
  • Voyager V3 Max also contains vitamins and trace mineral Chromium.

    • Vitamin Bi (thiamine) (2mg)
    • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) (3mg)
    • Vitamin B3 (22mg)
    • Vitamin B5 (10mg)
    • Vitamin B6 (5mg)
    • Vitamin B12 (30mcg)
    • Chromium (600mcg): This trace mineral is believed to promote muscle growth and fat burning so a popular diet pill ingredient however there is no evidence that proves it actually does this. Chromium is present in a normal diet and scientists believe there is no need to take supplements. Source:

    So What Does All This Mean?

    This diet pill does not contain anything that will help you lose weight or boost your health. It is based on stimulants of different types that will affect the central nervous system, including adrenaline levels. If you were taking part in a sporting contest, you may not pass a doping test!

    Losing weight by taking stimulants can be effective short term but does not usually lead to long-term weight loss because the body soon becomes accustomed to the effects.

    Does Voyager V3 Max Have Any Side Effects?

    Yes very likely, you may notice side effects, which include;

    • Anxiety
    • Jitteriness
    • Nervousness
    • Increased heart rate
    • Elevated blood pressure
    • Palpitations
    • Irregular heart beat
    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Rushing sound in the head (symptom of high blood pressure)

    Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer from a heart related medical condition, high blood pressure or glaucoma. Seek the advice of your doctor if you suffer from any underlying health conditions or are taking prescription medication in case of interactions.

    Any Voyager V3 Max Reviews From Customers?

    Yes, there are a few and some people quite liked the product.

    One customer reported;

    I noticed within a couple of days my appetite decreased! It made me a lil jittery at first but my body soon adjusted so that’s my only complaint! I lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks so that is encouraging!

    However, another customer said:

    Suppresses appetite but gave me no energy at all. Won’t be using again..Definately gonna finish it so I don’t waste the $$$

    Interestingly one customer told us;

    I am a distributor for this product and they stopped selling it and the price is a bit overpriced but wonderful product

    However, this supplement is still on sale so we are not sure what she means by that.

    So Does Voyager V3 Max Work?

    It works as a stimulant and this may help you lose some weight until your body becomes accustomed to the effects. Otherwise, no, it will not help you lose weight long term and may cause dangerous and unpleasant side effects.

    Where Can I Buy Voyager V3 Max?

    You cannot buy Voyager V3 Max direct from the product website without signing up to the website. If you have been “referred” by a distributor you need to enter their details. Otherwise, you leave your contact details and have a sponsor assigned to your purchase.

    An easier way is to buy direct from Amazon. One packet of 30 caplets (2 weeks – 1 month’s supply) costs $61.54 plus shipping costs (an added $4.54 to US addresses) Customers outside the USA need to contact the company direct to find further details.

    You can also find out about becoming a distributor via the product website.

    What About A Guarantee

    No money back guarantee is on offer.

    Watchdog Verdict

    Voyager V3 Max does not look very good. This stimulant based diet pill comes with almost zero information about how it works and there is no clinical evidence that it will help you lose weight. In truth, the weight loss aims are glossed over in favour of the stimulant properties of this supplement and some of these effects may be unpleasant and cause anxiety rather than a pleasurable buzz of energy.

    Voyager Health Technologies look to be a typical MLM company inasmuch as they provide a lot of details about their business model and very little information about the product they are actually selling. It is also extremely overpriced and unsurprisingly very few people have appeared to have bought it – judging by the lack of feedback.

    There is no reason why would recommend anyone to buy this fairly dangerous looking diet pill and we would have reservations about becoming a distributor unless more information is available.

    We have no other choice but to reject this supplement.

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    1. Deborah says:

      I love this product losses 110 pounds on I feel great I would recommend this product to anyone my Doctor told me it is safe for me to take its GMO FREE. The only thing that I have had or did that worked .!!!!!!

    2. Rob says:

      I believe your WebMD resource for AMP (2 Amino 4 Methylpentane Citrate) or “Dimethylbutylamine” actually refers to Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) which is banned from pretty much everything now (shame). In any case, any diet product that can’t make the WADA list is probably not worth buying (IMO). I tried this product and it is pretty awesome for energy and weight loss but pricey. Especially since Adderall is only a $10 copay.

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