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Want To Look Slimmer And More Confident Instantly? Improve Your Posture!


These days many of us have developed bad posture and fallen into the habit of slouching. Slouching may be comfortable but it is bad for you medically and is not an attractive look for men or for women.

Slouching leads to back problems, neck pain, and even premature curvature of the spine.
It is easy to slouch and we all do it. Spending long hours over a computer screen and then our downtime fixed in the drop head posture while we look at our phones and tablets is an artificial posture that puts a strain on the neck and back muscles.

Physiotherapists call this condition tech neck and it is becoming increasingly common.

Step away from the screen now! Think about your posture and take action. Stand up straight and you will instantly look slimmer and younger!


If you improve your posture, you will not only look taller, you will look more confident and attractive. Shoulders back, chest out and tummy muscles in, and you will add inches to your height.

Not only do you look more confident you actually feel more confident too.

Like most things, posture is a habit. Once you are aware of the problem you can take steps to change it.

There are practical steps you can take to improve your posture.

Adjusting the height of your chair you use for computer work may make it easier to improve your posture. Taking regular short breaks away from the computer is important too.

Trying not to sit with your legs crossed will also help keep your back straight.
Many people find the Alexander technique useful for improving posture and for removing back pain and old ingrained habits. Yoga exercises can also be effective.

Your shoes and your bag can affect your posture too. Wearing shoes that offer some support rather than flatties or high heels will help your posture and getting rid of the heavy shoulder bag will help keep your shoulders in balance.

You can also buy gadgets and gizmos that sound an alarm each time you slouch. However, the best way to improve your posture is just to think about how you stand and how you sit.

Breaking your slouching habit is not hard to do. Although it may seem uncomfortable at first, a good posture can soon becomes second nature if you work at it.

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