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Wu-Long Tea Capsules

Wu Long Tea Capsules made by Okuma Nutritionals seems to provide an easy way to get all the benefits of green tea without actually having to drink it. All green tea is good for you but the Wu Long tea contained in these diet capsules, which is grown only in the Wuyi Mountains of China, is even higher in polyphenols than other tea varieties.

We take a look at Wu Long Tea Capsules to find out more.

Wu-Long Capsules Pros

  • Green tea is an ingredient that offers some health and weight loss benefits

Wu-Long Capsules Cons

  • Clinical research cited has been exaggerated
  • Runs auto bill programme from official site
  • Expensive way of taking green tea at 90cents per capsule
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Wu-Long Tea Capsules

Wu-Long Tea Capsules Review

Wu-Long Capsules Facts

  • Marketed by Okuma Nutritionals who are based in Denver Colorado
  • Packet contains 60 capsules
  • Oo Long tea is higher in polyphenols than other types of green tea

Green tea is well known for its numerous health benefits and can be effective for weight loss too if taken on a regular basis. The problem is that not everyone enjoys drinking green tea so Okuma Wu Long Tea Capsules may appeal to people who want the benefits without the taste!

The Chinese have long believed that drinking green tea is important for health and clinical investigation suggests that it can be effective for numerous health conditions.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and may even provide resistance against cancer and other diseases.

Green TeaGreen tea can be effective for weight loss because it raises the speed of the metabolism and helps you burn fat more effectively. Although all green tea is generally good for you, some tea varieties are better for fat burning than others because they contain higher amounts of polyphenols.

Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that are good for health because they remove free radical cells from the body, which helps slow down tissue and cell damage. Polyphenols are also believed to increase the metabolism and so help the fat burning process.

When it comes to weight loss, this metabolism boosting fat burning effect is the key benefit and is why green tea is an ingredient found in so many diet supplements.

How to Take Wu-Long Tea Capsules

To use Wu Long Tea Capsules for weight loss, take one capsule 15 minutes before your first meal with a glass of water. Take the second capsule with water 15 minutes before your second meal.

We advise that you do not take Wu Long Tea Capsules too close to bedtime because green tea does contain caffeine.

If you want to simply maintain your weight, you are advised to take one capsule once a day at lunchtime. Again 15 minutes before your meal and with a glass of water.

Wu Long tea is a variety of Oolong tea that, according to the product website information, contains twice the levels of polyphenols than any other green tea strain.

According to the advertising Wu Long Tea can burn 220% more calories than any other green tea and will help you lose weight even if you do not make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Wu Long Tea Capsules are produced by Okuma Nutritionals LLC who specialise only in Wu Long tea and produce the capsules as well as the same tea in tea bag form.

Okuma Nutritionals LLC are based in Denver Colorado. The head office is at:

3459 Ringsby Court
Suite 417
Denver, CO 80216

Wu-Long Tea Capsules Concerns:

  • Okuma Nutritionals operate an auto billing policy
  • Inadequate capsule contents information
  • Very little customer feedback

What Do Wu-Long Tea Capsules Claim To Do?

According to the product advertising, Wu Long Capsules give you “the natural way to burn belly fat”.

The website features a quote from celebrity dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone speaking about green tea generally.

He is quoted as saying;

you’d lose up to 10 pounds in 4-6 weeks doing nothing but taking green tea. Green tea increases your daily fat burning rate by 4343%

He may be a doctor, but 4343% seems a fantastical number!

We have never seen any clinical evidence that suggests that green tea will increase your “daily fat burning rate” by this figure. You can find out more in our Green Tea ingredient article.


The website seems very keen in proving their point by the use of some huge figures!

According to the product information, Wu Long Tea capsules give you;

more than 523% more fat burning effects than green tea.

and that

each cup of this special Oolong tea burns over 2.5 times more fat than any other kind of Oolong.

However, we are not impressed with the lack of real information about ingredients and quantities. It may look good to include percentages and figures but without any proper explanation, it is all fairly meaningless.

According to the product information;

there is only one way to get this tea outside of going to China yourself, and that is through Okuma Nutritionals.

So What Are Wu-Long Tea Capsules and What Are The Ingredients For Wu-Long Tea Capsules?

Wu Long Tea Capsules are fat burning diet pills that appear to contain only one active ingredient and this is the tea itself. The quantity amounts are not given and we cannot guarantee the absence of filler ingredients without product information.

Wu Long Tea is a type of Oolong tea, which the marketing claims, is the most powerful type of Oolong tea available.

To back up the advertising claims, the product information cites a clinical investigation to prove the tea has this powerful fat burning effect. We decided to look at this report to find out for ourselves.

This clinical test was carried out in 2003 by the University of Tokushima School of Medicine. It was a small investigation and “the subjects were eleven healthy Japanese females”.

When Oolong tea was compared with water (placebo) and another green tea, it was found that energy expenditure (fat burning) was increased by 10% following Oolong tea and just 4% in green tea.

These effects lasted for 120 minutes following taking the tea and the conclusion was that;

These results suggest that Oolong tea increases energy expenditure (fat burning) by its polymerized polyphenols.

While it is true that this test indicates that Oo long tea seems more effective for fat burning than other types of green tea, there is no real evidence that Wu long tea is stronger again and will create the fat burning benefit of 523% as described by the advertising.

The other big question mark must be whether testing a supplement once on just 11 people conclusively proves that it works all the time and for everyone.

In addition, this particular strain of Oo Long referenced in the clinical evidence is not exactly the same as Wu Long tea strain contained in this supplement.


So What Does All This Mean?

Green tea is good for you and can help to increase the metabolism and energy expenditure (fat burning). If you drink it regularly, it may help you lose weight and promote health.

A point to remember is that Green tea is taken without milk and sugar and some of the weight loss benefits are down to the fact that it is a low calorie replacement beverage for coffee, tea and sodas. Taking Wu Long Tea via capsules will not replace other more fattening drinks in this way.

In addition, we cannot see where the advertising has got their evidence from. Okuma cite a clinical reference that does show that Oo Long tea is high in polyphenols but this does not prove that this supplement will help you burn off 523% more calories above your normal rate.

It is not even the same tea as advertised. The clinical investigation tested Oo Long loose Tea and not a Wu Long Tea Supplement.

Do Wu-Long Tea Capsules Have Any Side Effects?

Green tea does contain caffeine so it can cause the usual caffeine side effects when taken in high doses.

These include, anxiety, jitteriness, sleep disturbances, so if you have sensitivity to caffeine you should avoid green tea too.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding.
Do not take green tea if you suffer from bleeding disorders (caffeine can increase risk) or glaucoma because green tea is known to increase the pressure behind the eye.
To be on the safe side you should seek the advice of your doctor if you suffer from a medical condition before taking.
Green tea can be very dangerous if you take in combination with stimulant illegal drugs amphetamine, cocaine and ephedrine and can cause interactions with many other medication too.
These include; Contraceptive pill, Antibiotics, Heart medication, Anti depressants and Sleeping medication.

Any Wu-Long Tea Capsules Reviews From Customers?

At the time of writing, there are very few independent customer reviews available for Wu Long Tea Capsules.

We found just one satisfied customer who reported:

This is a great supplement for anyone who is trying to lose pounds, and is recommended by several weight loss regimens.

However the only other review we could find, had issues around delivery and customer service;

It’s not what I ordered, and I received an opened and smashed box. This is my 3rd time notifying you about this product, I even asked you to e-mail me a label so I can return it.

The customer service department do not seem to have been helpful to this customer.

So Do Wu-Long Tea Capsules Work?

We don’t think that this supplement will do much to help you lose weight. Drinking green tea can be good for health and weight loss but taking a supplement does not replace other beverages. The ingredient amounts are not given and some of the figures provided by Okuma seem skewed.

Wu Long Tea Capsules may have some effect but it is unlikely to be as effective as advertised.

Where Can I Buy Wu-Long Tea Capsules?

You can buy Wu Long Tea Capsules direct from the product website. Be warned, Okuma operate a Smart Ship VIP programme and only accept payment by credit card.

It is not immediately obvious that you are signing up to an auto-billing programme but that is exactly what it is and there is no other payment option.

Auto billing arrangements can be extremely hard to cancel and so we do not advise you sign up without being 100% confident with the company and the full terms and conditions.

There are three purchase options.

  • The Plus Pack. This is 1 month’s supply of capsules for weight maintenance. (60 capsules) This costs $57.00 making each capsule a whopping 90cents each.

According to the product information;

This 1 month package of 60 capsules will fast track your success and secures your VIP discount on all future purchases

This means each month when they send you a new packet and take the money from your credit card.

  • The Premium Pack provides 3 months supply of capsules for $127.00
  • The Max Pack 5 months supply for maximum weight loss costs $197

According to the terms and conditions, Okuma;

will automatically ship you a new supply of the product you have ordered every 30 or 90 days after your initial order is shipped, depending on which VIP program you elect, and continuing until you cancel.
The credit card you are using today will be billed the lowest available price for those product or products when your order is shipped.

In simple language, you will be sent fresh supplies of Wu Long Tea Capsules and the money deducted from your credit card until you tell them to stop and cancel the agreement.

Although the company state that you can cancel at any time, we have found from past experience with other auto billing programmes that this is rarely as easy and immediate as it sounds.

USA shipping is not given but International shipping costs an added $30.00 and this sum will be added to each order.

You can also buy Wu Long Tea Capsules via One box of 60 capsules costs $57.00 and includes free shipping to US addresses. This seems like a better option because you will not be signed up to auto shipping! International customers will need to contact the company via

What About A Guarantee?

Okuma have a good-looking guarantee policy.

They state;

We don’t care if you bought it at a garage sale, whether or not you have a receipt, if you backed over it with your car, or if your dog chewed it up. As long as you have the product remains, we will replace it for free, no questions asked.

There is a 90-day guarantee offered by the company but some customers have been left disappointed and have listed a complaint about Okuma Wu Long Tea on consumer website Rip Off Report.

The family concerned bought $200 of tea and capsules and after finding them ineffective wanted their money back within the guaranteed time period.

They were only eligible for a refund if they returned the entire product, which they were unable to do. In fairness to Okuma, the company later offered a 100% refund to the disgruntled customer but this may have been achieved due to posting the complaint on the Rip Off Report website.

Source: Ripoff Report

According to the company;

To return your order, please contact our Customer Service specialists at 1-888-8WU-LONG or email us at to request an Authorization of Return.
-An Authorization of Return is REQUIRED to return your order. All products included in the original order (including any free or promotional product) must be returned to receive a full refund. All opened units must be included in the return.

Watchdog Verdict

Although green tea can help promote healthy weight-loss, there is very little that we like about this supplement.

There is a total lack of information regarding the contents of the capsules and we feel that the clinical references have been manipulated and exaggerated to suit advertising purposes.

In addition it is a very expensive way of buying green tea and the fact that the only way you can buy direct from the product website is via an auto billing arrangement is disgraceful. We do not advise you to do it.

Finally, there is very little customer feedback and the customer service department seems to leave a lot to be desired. We have no other choice but to reject this supplement.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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